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Lucaris Crystal

Lucaris Crystal
Lucaris Crystal

World Class Design

The design of Lucaris stemware and wine accessories is a collaborative achievement between Ocean Glass, Toyo Sasaki Glass and Martin Ballendat, a multiple award-winning German designer whose works appear in portfolios of many world class brands.

Eastern Expertise meets Western Technology

Glassmaking expertise of Toyo-Sasaki Glass of Japan, Ocean Glass of Thailand and the most advanced glass technology from Germany brought together, have resulted in the creation of world class quality crystal glass: New lead-free crystal glass composition, with physical aesthetics comparable to conventional lead crystal Exceptional clarity and brilliance, with extra strength & durability

Excellence in Design

Lucaris stemware has been meticulously designed and crafted to the smallest details, to ensure the highest in functionality and aesthetic quality that evoke all senses, meeting the demands of wine lovers and food service professionals.

Lucaris Crystal

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