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Our History

Established by the ambitious and driven Mr. Saied Ismail Urabi in 1973, Jordanian Hospitality LLC began as a modest enterprise in Irbid, catering to hotels and restaurants. It has evolved into an influential business, recognized for its exquisite range of high-end tableware, commercial equipment, and homeware which cemented our reputation as a formidable player in the Jordanian market.

Our humble beginnings provided the flexibility to strategically expand our ambitions and objectives, supported by our multiple showrooms managed by the head office in Amman. With our significant growth in the hospitality sector, we consistently sought out prestigious brands to enhance our unique presence and elevate our services in the domestic and international markets we serve.

Jordanian Hospitality Headquarters

Jordanian Hospitality Headquarters

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve the catering industry of hotels and restaurants with high-end tableware and build a solid foundation as a leading name in the hospitality industry on the lookout for renowned brands, providing high-quality products that elevate the clients experience.

Our Mission

Our aim is to create and maintain strong, long-term business network connections with our clients to keep providing outstanding services to the best of our ability, while adhering to offering high-quality products that levitate an ultimate customer experience, which would continue to build the integrity of our business.

Our Values

We always ensure to meet the highest standards and expectations by sticking to great quality and maintaining the integrity and long-term connections we carry out with the day-to-day services and products we offer to our clients, which reflect trust, dedication, and excellence.

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