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Emile Henry

Emile Henry
Emile Henry


For 160 years, we have been supporting the pleasures of the palate and the joy of sharing, pure and simple. We manufacture ceramic cookware that enables you to prepare the most delicious dishes with ease. Our longevity depends as much on this solid foundation as on our will to constantly reinvent ourselves. We see our Maison as one big table, where ancient skills and youthful energy meet.

170 YEARS OLD and still young at heart

With our feet firmly planted on the ground (in Burgundy) and our head in the clouds, we find inspiration in the latest cooking trends and in the spirit of the times.

MADE IN FRANCE – A source of pride as well as a firm belief

We have always been committed to French craftsmanship. We remain true to our historic location in Marcigny, deep in the heart of Burgundy. Each of our pieces is hand-crafted and signed by one of the craftsmen in our workshops.

Emile Henry

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